Picking the Right Wealth Manager with Innovatis


Erwin Lasshofer has been in the wealth management business for many years. According to him, he has witnessed many investors grow their wealth by choosing the right wealth mangers. In many years of work, he also has seen many investors fail because their wealth manager choosing the wrong approach towards managing their portfolios.

Why the need for a Wealth Manager?

Wealth managers are just like your doctors or lawyers and they are also compulsory for your wealth management needs. Wealth managers make sure that you are able to grow your wealth by providing right advice. They show you the right opportunity to invest in and stop you from investing in something which is not good for you. Basically wealth manager are financial experts who can save you from financial crisis. They make sure that you achieve your financial goals and maximize your profits along the way.

How to hire the right Wealth manager?

When you are about to hire your wealth manager, you both have to discuss your financial goals first. Once you both are on the same page, start discussing about his strategy to achieve those goals. You also have to make sure that he or she is able to communicate in a way that you can understand the complex terminologies as a layman. Good communication skills are essential in this field of work. Innovatis wealth management team is able to establish long term relationships with all of their clients. Long term relationships are established on basis of the full trust of client, which you gain by keeping him on same page with you. Financial skills are very important for wealth manager; therefore look for his or her experience.

Your wealth managers are able to give you undivided attention which is very important. Innovatis wealth management team makes sure that their clients are given full attention so he or she is not left out on any important information. It is very important that your wealth managers are able to gain your full trust in short duration of time as you can judge from the example of Erwin Lasshofer – Previous President for Innovatis Inc.

Things you must know about your wealth managers

You must ask about their qualifications, first and foremost. Qualification and experience are two things which can make sure that your investment is in the right hands. For instance, consider the example of InnovatisErwin Lasshofer, who has an experience of 20 years of strategic development and financial management and is the sole owner of the Innovatis. You need to be sure that your wealth is in right hands and experienced company. Erwin Lasshofer in Singapore has been sharing his knowledge and experience with the people.

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In an age filled with examples of unethical financial service companies providing poor results, it is reassuring to find a company that values its clients, maintaining transparency and working hard for its investors. In today’s world of international financial markets and investing, people and companies more companies like INNOVATIS. A worldwide asset management company, INNOVATIS offers only the best products and the highest investment security to be found today. They have the ability to react quickly in an ever-changing market; value both innovation and growth; and do so while remaining responsible and without unnecessary risk. INNOVATIS is the reflection of its founder Erwin Lasshofer. His ideal of exceptional service has led this Austrian citizen to become a well-respected member of the international finance community.


Erwin Lasshofer’s business profile as Founder at INNOVATIS AG rests upon a foundation built twenty years ago. Born in 1970, Lasshofer became an area manager for a listed investment company at 22 years old. He excelled at his work. Then, two years later, he started his own company. Since that time, Lasshofer has focused on project financing, management of funds, and investment product creations. In 2011, he founded INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG. More recently, he has become the managing director and sole owner of INNOVATIS GmbH Austria, as well as continuing his role as a board member of individual INNOVATIS entities.


Erwin Lasshofer has kept a close eye on his family of companies, and on the needs of clients. With the creation of INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG, he gave them a business infrastructure responsive to each client’s needs, providing tailor-made portfolios with built-in controls. Its business model makes it a perfect fit for the INNOVATIS family. Though each entity is legally separate, they share a similar clients-first policy. The companies are focus in the areas of consulting, real estate, and asset management, but also deal with research, marketing and information technology (IT). The teams for each entity possess extensive international experience and specialized knowledge that is leveraged in the interest of clients. For example, INNOVATIS has years of experience in asset management (notably actively managed fixed income securities portfolios), having proven itself as a reliable and trusted partner in maintaining and improving the financial future of clients through work as an External Fund Manager and/or Portfolio Manager.


Everything INNOVATIS does is based around transparency. Its aim is for clients to understand their product, its development, and all the ideas behind the product. This, as with all aspects of INNOVATIS’ business, has spread throughout the companies, coming from its founder. Erwin Lasshofer, a dedicated man, is more than just the driving force of INNOVATIS; he is a man who treasures his clients and is a born leader. For a view into the inspirations behind his work and his life beyond the INNOVATIS family of companies, you can follow Erwin Lasshofer on Pinterest or LinkedIn.


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Innovating the financial industry

Asset Management, financial engineering, and investment products, are only few of the many products and services INNOVATIS offers its clients and investors.
Many people are entering the financial industry, believing it has more benefits than most jobs. Often times it opens doors to stability in future retirements as well as it generates high-rate incomes when attaining high positions.

But sometimes people enter finance solely for the income and not of providing the right service for clients and investors.

Erwin Lasshofer started his career in finance at the age of 22, at a listed investment firm. After two years, already achieving the position of area manager in the same firm, left his job, and started his own company in Germany. INNOVATIS was established in 1994, Erwin Lasshofer being its sole founder. In less than a decade, Lasshofer was able to attract many clients and investors, and then expand his company overseas. He expanded in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Panama and the Bahamas, creating a wide network, enabling him and the team he formed in INNOVATIS to give higher quality of products and services.

According to an articles, Erwin Lasshofer: The Pros of Asset Consulting, shows there is a high demand of asset consulting because corporations and investors sees the benefit of having a wealth manager to handle finance to further provide benefits.

Erwin Lasshofer talks about himself and INNOVATIS, and how he and his time continue to provide high quality products and services. Lasshofer formed a team of highly trained individuals, with international experience. The team of wealth managers, composed of senior and high potential individuals, aims to provide great communication and client relation for a long-term partnership.

Lasshofer and his company developed a form of financial management that caters to the specific needs of the client. This tailor-cut portfolio is unique and focuses on one client alone. The plan is adjusted to provide further benefits.

The finance world can be domineering and competitive, often time’s people in the industry must take risks, and Erwin Lasshofer took the risk of leaving his job and started his own company. Erwin Lasshofer’s business profile as Founder of INNOVATIS AG proved he took his own career in his own hand and created a strategy, innovating financial management further it’s time.

It takes risk and guts to control ones career and moved to innovate an industry, and Erwin Lasshofer continue to move, innovate, and dedicate his life to his career.

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INNOVATIS – One of the biggest names in asset management

Erwin Lasshofer is a great choice for a wealth manager. When his first INNOVATIS was opened in 2001 in Germany, new and innovative ideas were brought to the financial world. INNOVATIS became a well-known and trusted brand, which combines asset management with the structuring of financial products.

It is important for a client to get to know Erwin Lasshofer’s business profile as Founder at INNOVATIS AG. The reason for his huge success is his dedication to his dream since he was a young man. First he worked in a listed investment firm and quickly moved up. At the age of 24 he started his own firm. He began with INNOVATIS in Germany, and quickly many entities all over the world were opened. Erwin Lasshofer is a managing director at INNOVATIS in Austria, but it is also a board member in every one of his ten entities.

INNOVATIS has many different clients, such as asset managers, institutions, family companies along with the select individuals, who have high net worth. If you become INNOVATIS client, they will offer you transparency, security, high quality of their products, and all this in a very short period of time. Every client gets taylor-made product customized to his own personal needs. For a better satisfaction of his clients the firm also developed software that is monitoring portfolios and securities.

As mentioned above, INNOVATIS has a lot of entities in different countries all over the world. Therefore each entity must also consider the legal regulations of the country in which is doing business in. There are three different branches and every entity is focused on one of those branches. The consulting branch is focused on giving advice to clients, helps them to structure actions, all based on their individual needs of course. The second one is asset management branch, which makes custom made portfolio for each client and helps to build up long-term relationship and trust between client and asset manager. INNOVATIS also must be funded and developed by the owner. The real estate and equity branch exists to do that. They also have a few highly qualified partners who helps them in developments.

As we look back in past, there are not many companies who obtained in the business world for over twenty years, as INNOVATIS did. With Erwin Lasshofer’s vision, hard work and qualified staff around him, INNOVATIS succeeded in the financial branch. For those interested in finding out more about INNOVATIS, you can visit office@innovatis-organization.com or look for Erwin Lasshofer at www.innovatis-organization.com.

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Erwin Lasshofer: Innovative Strategies of INNOVATIS

Business and Finance go side by side. Although, professions can be learned within the academic prowess of universities, there is a finesse that cannot be learned in the classroom. Such finesse is the right ability to help guide you in the world of finance.

A finance corporation offers services from asset management, like income bonds, to fixed income management. Not everyone is capable of handling finances, albeit for personal reason to business transactions. We all need guidance in the workings of finance. Since finance is not a simple task of counting money and recording them, proper guidance is a need that must be attained by any individual who received income or profit.

In INNOVATIS (Suisse), they provide these kinds of services, they guide you and help you manage your assets, and protect you from possible fall out in the financial world. A specific man, named Erwin Lasshofer can provide you with the guidance and protection you need. An Austrian citizen born in 1970, Erwin Lasshofer has years of experience in the financial world, the kind of experience that will give you the right guide for a great future in the financial world.

Erwin Lasshofer founded INNOVATIS (Suisse) in 2011, a financial management company that can provide services that you will need in order to create the right decision for your own financial assets. His goal is to provide the right amount of guidance for his clients, guidance and management, in order to have a good financial history.

Erwin Lasshofer’s innovation in the financial world

Erwin’s move to create INNOVATIS was an innovation in the financial world. Knowing and having the right advice in handling finances can bring a company to a good path in the market. Provided that this company is in its early years, INNOVATIS (Suisse) can conduct a thorough advice on how to handle the finance and how to allocate money, and handle bonds.

A company with the right asset management and financial prowess can create a good history and can lead to a good personal retirement for its employees. That is really important in today’s world.

You can find Erwin Lasshofer on LinkedIn, where you can learn more about his ideas on finance and asset management, as well as his shares of thoughts and connections with other professionals. You can also find Erwin Lasshofer on Pinterest, where you can be inspired by his success and his advices, on the financial world. View all of Erwin Lasshofer’s Presentations.

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A Brand in Financial Market: Erwin Lasshofer

Not can come close to the highly respected and recommended as Erwin Lasshofer in the field of wealth management. Today, Erwin Lasshofer is a brand in him. With over twenty years of management experience in strategic and product development of the investment business. The man caters to clients both from the retail as well as institutional spectrums.

Erwin Lasshofer is an Austrian man born in the year 1970. Currently he is the proud owner, board President and Managing Director of the Innovatis (Suisse) AG, Austria. He is also on board for several other Innovatis entities that are spread all across world apart from being their co-founder. Theses Innovatis entities are located in countries like UK, Austria, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Italy, Guernsey, Bahamas and Panama. Each of the aforementioned Innovatis firms specializes in either of the business aspects, asset management or consultation.

The consultation department of these entities works simultaneously with other clients as well. The clients are helped by the Innovatis entities to build affluent corporations. The clients’ success also acts as the marketing scheme for the Innovatis group of companies.

Erwin Lasshofer has undoubtedly come a long way from where he started out from. At 22, he joined a listed investment company and rose up to the position of the area manager within two years. But he left the firm at that time to go solo and start out his own company for asset management. This is where the foundation of Innovatis group of company was laid in the year 1992, where the first Innovatis entity was established in Hamburg, Germany. His dodgy passion and dedication for the financial markets kept him going along with his strong desire to succeed. He kept on founding and co-founding various entities from the Innovatis group in varied business sectors all over the world over the years. He started his client base with countries like Asia and Europe where he catered to individuals as well as corporate investors. And today, he has clients flocking over to him and his company from all across the globe.

Erwin Lasshofer is fond of sharing his success story with anyone and everyone to inspire people. He is of the opinion that there is no greater combination for succeeding than that of a good education and practical training. He wants the world to know that there is really no substitute for dedication and hard work.

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Erwin Lasshofer and INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG is a global asset management and consulting company, their key business target is high quality service, security of assets, investments and projects. INNOVATIS Team is focus on teamwork and superior performance.

Customer Satisfaction always take center stage at INNOVATIS. Their service standards are supported by large networks of professionals and other financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, financiers, lawyers and private investors.

INNOVATIS Team is consists of experienced seniors and motivated members. They all go the extra mile to meet customer expectations by having fun and respect with each other at the same time.

Under Erwin Lasshofer’s supervision, INNOVATIS Team is attentive to maintain long-term relationship to their clients and business partners. Therefore, INNOVATIS team members are not only experts in their business fields also individuals with social competencies.

INNOVATIS Asset Management Team offers tailor made solutions for individualized investment portfolios. They provide management of financial accounts and fund investments for international partners and issuers. They ensure each single client is supported individually and requirements are satisfied instantly.

Erwin Lasshofer, board member, founder and co-founder of INNOVATIS initiated the formula for teamwork. They are professionals with compassion, aiming for a united ambition: “To Maintain Long-Lasting International Relationship with their clients and partners.”

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